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What is Lusoporno?
Lusoporno is the name of the company who provides the adult content to the sites under Lusoporno Network. Actually there are 10 sites in the network (Sites Directory). Check them out!!
Why is an Lusoporno ID better than joining a normal XXX site?
Well the other sites usually charge you more than $35 per month and you only get to access one site, with an Lusoporno ID you will have access to many different sites (one bizarre) so you will have a big variety of content.  
What are the average download speeds?
Download speed varies with the server that the site is on. Users experience download speed ranging from 60KBs to 200KBs (cable modems) and 3KB to 5KB for 56k users.

To access my archive you will need an Lusoporno ID, if you don't already have one, you will need to apply for one below to gain access.

Note: You will have INSTANT ACCESS!!

  This means you can have non stop, uninterrupted downloads all day and night if you wish. All the servers resume downloads and of course, you can use any of your download managers like GoZilla, Getright, Download Accelerator and so on.  

Click the link below and apply for your Lusoporno ID right now, trust me, you will not regret it. There is no other Anal/Gaping ass site on the net that posts such high quality movies as Anal-Sex if you can find a site with more quality movies, then damn, I'll buy you an ID myself.

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