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Description: Blonde babe Lena first is penetrated by two dildos in her pussy and ass, and after is fucked VERY hard in her gaping ass! Watch her anal hole spreding wide open!
Total Duration: 28:55 Resolution: 640 x 464 Size: 785 mb File: 6

Description: Sexy porn star has two great joys in her life: Sucking big cocks and getting her wide anal hole open. In this scene she can make both. The part where she is penetrated in the ass from behind is amazing.
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Description: Brunette babe Amalie is anal lover. She is not the most pretty girl in the world, but infuck in several positions! matter of ASS and ANAL FUCK she is the one! She simply loves being penetrated by huge dildos or bick dicks in her ass, making him gaping!
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Description: Carmelita is crazy for anal sex! In a fancy house with a nice courtyard she opens wide her asshole and let this guy penetrate his huge dick in her ass!
Total Duration: 24:15 Resolution: 720 x 480 Size: 644 mb File: 6

Description: Anna Key is a blonde porn star who loves to take big cock in her ass. Maybe because she has a huge asshole, she has the need for large and big dicks. In this scene she gets a fat cock (pretty nice size) inside the asshole - at least large enough to make her anal hole to gape. And what a nice gape she has! Lot's of anal gaping and anal fuck in several positions!
anna kei anal gape
Total Duration: 29:30 Resolution: 720 x 480 Size: 822 mb File: 6

Description: Ellen Saint is a Czech porn actress which loves anal gape. She born in March 10 1983, and what a beautiful face she has! Great smile, super tall, and most of all a great anal gaping ass!! How can such a pretty face have an anal gape like this?! I don't know, but she most love a lot anal sex... her ass has a very nice anal gaping!!
gaping ass Anal Gape
ellen saint
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Description: Huge anal gaping in porn star Kathy Anderson. What a huge anal gape hole, and it seems she doesn't want anything else beside anal sex...another amazing anal gape!!
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Description: This brunette is Claudia Rossi and gapes in a pretty nice way. Two guys and one girl is always a nice way of making an asshole open wide ;) She is the kind of babe who loves to spread the ass to open larger the asshole ;) Great gaping ass!
claudia rossi
Total Duration: 24:47 Resolution: 352 x 240 Size: 411 mb File: 8

Description: The infamous Sandra Romain! She doen't need any presentation. Well known for her anal sex preference, in this scene she is double fucked and double anal fucked! What a great ass...and what a great cumshot (right in the mouth) to finalize the scene!
sandra romain
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Description: The blonde is Melissa Lauren and once again lots of anal gape. In this scene the ass came with a little "dirty present", but what the fuck?! Its anal gape scene!
Total Duration: 24:30 Resolution: 352 x 240 Size: 408 mb File: 9

Description: Michelle B. is fucked in the ass by a huge cock! This guy really goes deep in her asshole! She swallows all the cum in the final.
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Description: Fantastic Alysia shows her monster gaping ass! She is the biggest anal gape in the world! Her ass in this scene fit inside a huge glass of pepsi-cola end a full fist in side her ass! Amazing how big her asshole is!
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Description: Two gorgeous porn stars Veronica Jett and Gia Jordan with great bubble butts. These babes asses beg for being fucked! What a great pair of anal holes waiting to be gaping.
Total Duration: 21:24 Resolution: 352 x 240 Size: 536 mb File: 7

Description: Brandy Lyons loves being fucked in the ass and swallowing cum. In this scene a great blowjob starts the first round. Nice teasing skirt in a teenager style, which is a nice look for starting an anal fuck!
brady lyons   
Total Duration: 34:16 Resolution: 352 x 240 Size: 794 mb File: 10

Description: Porn star Sarah Jay in a sexy pink nylon lingerie takes over three cocks! Super huge ass and small waist loves every inch of these guys dick penetrating her! Wait for the final minutes of the scene where Sarah receives in her mouth all the three guys cum.
sarah jay
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Description: Kelly Wells drives to a mysterious house and finds two big surprises - Two very big dicks! She is a naughty girl and of course starts to suck the two dicks. After the fucking, an awesome double penetration takes the action - and what a great anal penetration!
kelly wells
Total Duration: 23:16 Resolution: 352 x 240 Size: 564 mb File: 7

Description: Simone West is licked in the pink black pussy, after she is driven by two white guys inside a house, and she is fucked in every hole!! Anal fuck and gaping black asshole!
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Description: Gaping ass of porn stars Sativa Rose and Tiffany Taylor's. In this scene they are fucked and anally rapped, but the best part is the huge cumshot this guy drops in Tiffany Taylor's mouth! Check it out!
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Description: The acrobatic Vanessa Lane has a great athletic body. This babe do things that no other girl in porn can do. Fantastic flexible body and a great slime, Vanessa starts by posing near a swimming pool , then, she sucks and fucks two guys in a very special acrobatic and flesible way - with her legs all wide open - and ends swallowing all the cum.
vanessa lane
Total Duration: 27:28 Resolution: 352 x 240 Size: 559 mb File: 6

Description: Hailey Young in a very hot scene. In threesome action she takes care of two big dicks, being fucked in the ass and pussy. What a great eyes Hailey Young has!!
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Description: Hot porn star Kat has a big dark asshole! She love to have a big dick inside of it! First a small dildo, after two big dicks, then  double penetration and finalizes with a great cumshot playing making boubles!
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